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The Bucket List

anti·eating disorder comm

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discussing & debating the bad idea that is proana and looking for better ones
My overall thoughts regarding pro·ana can be summed up here: Clicky!

Some descriptions of eating disorders: Clicky!

If you are pro·ana and wish to join you're more than welcome to. However, you should keep in mind that this community is for discussing just how warped you are for intentionally harming yourself.

Why "The Bucket List"?
There's a movie by the same name that came out a ways back, starring Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson, and I was bored one day and just counting letters when I noticed that it's 15 characters exactly if you put underscores in the spaces. All LJ accounts, be they communities or journals, have a 15 character limit for the link name...so I checked and no one was using it. For no apparant reason I made the community but then, seeing as the point of that movie was already summed up by another really cool comm, I just kind of abandoned it.

I got the idea for what it is now from a bizarre fascination with pro·ana I've developed. While I'm never gonna be that bad...any form of self mutilation or abuse to one's body, which this so is, really gets my attention.

We humans are a weird enough species without willingly turning ourselves into living skeletons.

Crossing around LJ I've come across a number of pro·ana comms & journals and, commentwhore that I am, I've been dropping off little tidbits trying to talk them out of it...or a little bit of humor to perk some up when they were really low. Can't always do that though, comment restrictions, and I'm left with something I typed up that goes to waste...which is why I thought about setting up a community for it.

Might as well put them somewhere.

Before I even remembered this community was sitting around taking up space I tried a few other 15 character combos, not that you need all of them, but nothing was working. None of them worked and a lot of them were meaner than what we got here. Actually thought I had it nailed with sanity_impaired...but it's a purged account so I couldn't use it without paying for it.

Intentionally starving yourself is not dieting. Some pro·anas do all sorts of messed up things from excessive fasting to using hardcore drugs to stave off hunger so they can go days without eating. There's no such thing as a success story with this because along with the absence of food comes side effects, most popular among which is an inability to be satisfied. You can't be happy and content without the specific chemicals that trigger those responses in the brain...which is a decided consequence of not eating or unusually restrictive diets.

Might as well be trying to kill themselves very, very, very, (you get the idea) slowly. From what I've observed there's really only two options for how things end up with pro·anas. They either get treatment enough or come to the realization on their own what's wrong with them and step back from it and get healthy. Or, which happens far too often, they keep at it until they burnout and go for the faster suicide approach...or just wind up dying from complications relating to their undereating.

They're so extremely determined to kick the bucket...which reminded me of here.

Why a Garfield mood theme?
Are you familiar with what Garfield looked like when he first came out? While some would no doubt say that the way he looks now was the gradual evolution of the character from his creator's artistry...I would not be among them. My thought is that Garfield found a middle ground between his gluttonous appetite and a steady amount of exercise and occasional dieting to look a bit pudgy but be in much better health that he used to be in. That's my story and I'm sticking with it!

Why that background for the comm?
There may or may not be an actual reason behind it...but hey, what's life without a little mystery? Although, a good argument could be used for the fact that if you don't treat a machine correctly then it will rust and not function as it should.

Rules: they're what's for dinner!
1) You can quote anyone who is ranting or going on about their related issues to this topic, followed by your response to it, but you cannot post who they are. If they happen to come across your post on their own or are a member here they can identify themselves if they so choose...but you can't.

2) You can post anything about pro·ana you want here, whether you're for it or against it. Serious to silly, all is good here.

3) This is not an adult community so no nudity.

4) Along with putting down pro·ana, any discussion/suggestions regarding healthy ways to lose weight and maintain good health are welcome and encouraged.

5) That's all I've got for now...may add more as time goes by.

If you want to advertise any kind of community please do so at Livejournal OverdoseWe·Need·a·Life and not here. I used to allow advertising in any of my communities if it kept to the theme of that community but I'd like to cut down on that a bit...until it dwindles to nothing.

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